“Will Have you dancing in your seat!”
"I have always loved dance and always enjoy going to performances, but this was something like I've never seen before. Rhythmic Circus has talent across the board that you won't find anywhere else. Not only are the tappers (4) amazing, but they have a band that is phenomenal, a beatboxer who is out of this world, and props that I've never seen used in this setting. The show is WELL worth the money (and price is great). I would advise anyone to go see it. When it was over, I wanted to go dancing. It is the best rhythmic show you can ever seen, hands down." --Anonymous
“Great show with high energy - creative numbers - excellent musicians & dancers....A must see for ANYONE!!” --Anonymous
“Rhythmic Circus was amazing!!”
“This show is hard to describe but you have to see it! Each performer is a master of their art and the energy is unbelievable. I took my 83 year old mother and we both had the biggest smiles on our faces and said "feet don't fail me now" for days after. I hope there is another show in the area because I will definitely go again and tell everyone I know.” --Anonymous
“Absolutely Amazing”
“This show will blow you away. I have seen it now three times and I cannot stop myself from going back. The show really hits home following your dreams and working hard to achieve them. The tone is very positive. You have a cast of extremely talented individuals and can literally feel their passion for what they are doing while watching the show. I have recommended this to many of my friends and family and will continue to every time it is in my area.” --Anonymous
“You could feel their love for dance”
“Great show - You could feel and see the love and joy they had doing it. They were not just great dancers but also great entertainers. The show had a lot of variety and was therefore suitable for kids too.” --Anonymous
“Awesome. Brings cool to tap. Second time this year seeing them. Wish I would have known they were doing WI it would be the third!!! Go Dan the Man. Way to rock the bass!” --Anonymous
“Incredible talent, passion and energy!”
“An amazing collaboration of dance, rhythm, eclectic music, creativity, and humor. This show has something for everyone. All of the performers' passion for what they do shines through and their energy radiates into their audience. Such a feel good show! Go to it.” --Anonymous
“The energy was amazing! Minnesota's Got Talent!!!!” --Anonymous
“Outstanding show! They keep you entertained the whole time! Definitely a concert I would see again and again!” --Anonymous
“FDFMN was outstanding entertainment!”
“My boyfriend and I didn't know what to expect from this performance; I'd bought tickets based solely on the photo showing all 4 of the dancers suspended in air, and was willing to take the chance. Boy oh boy, what a great time! It's still hard to describe, but I will try to sum it up as "tap dance with various other entertainment thrown in for the fun of it". This performance ranges from one guy on stage, sitting on a chair, discussing "taking our relationship to a new level", to full-blast, all hands on deck, all out dance craze. Lots of variety. This is a squeaky clean show, suitable for all audiences. I will definitely be watching for more opportunities to see this show in the future. Highly recommended!” --Anonymous
“Awesome show!!!!”
“This show is incredibly entertaining and high energy from start to finish! The amount of talent that was on that stage was mind blowing! It's hard to find live entertainment that works for all ages. This show definitely fits the bill. Both my husband and I loved the show, as well as our 7 year old! I highly recommend seeing this show if you get the opportunity!” --Anonymous
“Rhythmic circus rocked the house”
“It was a blast. Goofy, rockin, genuine, totally fun. Great music, great talent, great costuming!” --Anonymous
“What a great show! I was amazed at the talent displayed. Super fun to watch, great dancing, music, just an overall good time. Highly recommended!” --Anonymous
You people are AMAZING!! Loved your performance at The Fine Line. Thank You - !! --Jill Winter
My kids have declared this "the best show ever" and your CD has become the go to music while driving. Thank you so much! --Valerie Guyant
Loved your high-energy high-spirited performance in Eau Claire! Infectious. Like my friend Sharon said, "this does more for World Peace than any government can." --Sara Dyrud Bryan
Thanks for coming to Osage, Iowa tonight! I hope you can visit us again sometime. We will give you a great big small-town welcome - anytime!!!! You guys (and gal) are ALL fantastic!!! --Laura Meirick Wynohrad
You guys filled an auditorium during a Packers vs. Vikings game! That is the highest honor Wisconsin can award. --Karl Erik Anderson
“Amazing, energizing, brilliant.”
Amazing, energizing, brilliant. You are all so talented! It definitely got me out of my blues! --Joanna Sulich
“BEST live show I have ever seen!”
Literally just got home from seeing you here in Jonesboro. I have followed many a band, and you guys have the BEST live show I have ever seen! Don't stop bringing the music and beat! --Caitlin Hood
“I loved your style.”
From the Crowd's perspective, I saw you get Wheatland on it's feet! You really nailed it guys, and I loved your style. Happy Wheatland, I look forward to seeing you back again some year! --Ben Thompson
“LOVE Alex Rossi's voice”
You guys rocked it out at Wheatland!! Definitely our whole group's favorite of the whole weekend, by far!! Inspires me to learn to tap!! LOVE Alex Rossi's voice too!! Hope to see you perform in Michigan again soon! :) --Jennifer Lafferty
My nephew says you guys remind him of The Electric Mayhem. I think y'all could get a permanent spot on Sesame Street. I wanna see Peter jam with Zoot. --Gracie Lee
Amazing! I saw you in Edinburgh. I hope you come to Barcelona!!! --María Teresa González
“Made the trip up worth it!!!”
This team was by far the best dance group I saw during the Edinburgh Arts Festival in Scotland. Made the trip up worth it!!! --Ingrid White
In-cred-ible! You guys are so inspirational. Loved every minute of your show. --Gillian Hunter
“literally screaming and clapping”
saw the show on Friday, brought my two boys (6&8) they were literally screaming and clapping on the edge of their chairs between most of the bits, well done, amazing show! --Jared Lukes
“it was phenomenal.”
Saw the show at Pantages tonight and it was phenomenal. What energy bars do you all eat??? --Sue Ginsburg
Tonight was my first visit to the "Circus" but it definitely will not be my last, and next time I will bring my entire family! What a great evening of LIVE entertainment!! --Rex Cooper
“Another amazing show!”
Another amazing show! I love watching you all perform because you can see how much you love what you are doing and it is great to see others living their dream :) --Ashley Robinson
Best show of the Lakeside season! I left completely energized! --Emily Gill Dunfee
Loved seeing you in Bay View! A summer highlight! --Lisa Marie Maxson
Fantastic show tonight, my 4 year old wants to tap dance now..... wonderful! --Vanessa Barto Smith-Whitford
Fantastically entertaining! --Diane Mohler Palm
Just came back from your show in Oconomowoc.. you guys were AMAZING.. I've never seen anything like that before! Loved it! --Jolene Mayer
Group of us from a Senior Apartment in West Allis saw you in Oconomowoc; AMAZING!! If you don't leave that show with a huge smile on your face...you're dead!! --Dee Nickel
I brought my teenage granddaughter to your show in Oconomowoc last night and it was spectacular! Hard to say which one of us had more fun!! --Jackie Dierbeck
“Makes me want to pull out my tap shoes again!”
AMAZING! You guys rocked last night! Makes me want to pull out my tap shoes again! --Diana Schultz
“A must see for everyone.”
Great Show in Conroe, Texas it was Absolutely Stunning !!!! I have never seen so much talent in one night.... It was unbelieveable.... A must see for everyone. I LOVED it !!!!!! --Christy Ann Tottingham
My cheeks hurt from smiling so much! Thank you so much for an evening of pure, unadulterated enjoyment! I hope you come back to Lancaster soon! --Lisa Jorgenson
“My husband wants me to start calling him Heat Box.”
You guys rock!! My husband wants me to start calling him Heat Box. --Stephanie Davis
One of the best Banners performance!!! Thanks for the great show! --Natalie Waits Guidry
So Amazing! Very high Energy!! Awesome, Stellar performance!!! --Frances Bailey
Amazing show in Aberdeen, SD!!! You guys are inspirational! --Rachel Fliehe
“Please come back!”
You folks are fantastic! I just wished I had told more people to come after seeing the show on Saturday! Please come back! What energy! --Sue Hayhurst
“Highly recommend this show!”
Amazing! Amazing! Amazing! My entire family LOVED the show tonight in ECNC! Highly recommend this show! --Lorie Balonis Nijjar
“talent and showmanship”
This was such a good show - rivaled bring in da noise bring in da funk - can't say enough about your talent and showmanship - truly entertaining and I want a CD!! --Mary Lou Dotson
BRAVO! Your talent and stamina are truly inspiring!! --Amy Tennis
“I'd prolly drive down to Lafayette and see it again.”
Thatwas a phenomenal show!! If I hadn't already made plans to be out of town this weekend, I'd prolly drive down to Lafayette and see it again. It's THAT good! Ya'll were great to work with - thanks for coming to Alexandria! --Elizabeth Smith
“a GREAT treat to both the eyes and the ears”
Loved the show tonight that Rhythmic Circus did at CSPAC! I loved the rapid pace of style changes with the lights, and sound, which showed off the talent of all the tap dancers and musicians It was a GREAT treat to both the eyes and the ears. BRAVO!!! Hope CENLA gets to bring this amazing group to our area again!!! --Paula Doyle
“totally awesome night of live entertainment!”
OMG!!! Back from "Rhythmic Circus" and what an amazing group of performers...LOVED IT! High energy, great dancing, great music...totally awesome night of live entertainment! If you missed it, wherever you are and if they ever come back, don't miss it the next time! BE THERE!!! --Michael Robertson
“Lookout Vegas or Broadway, the Circus is coming to town!”
I can't recall ever enjoying a show so much. Some day soon, we will look back and be able to say we had the Rythmic Circus at the Hoover Public Library Theatre. Lookout Vegas or Broadway, the Circus is coming to town! --John Lyda
“You guys are super talented.”
Saw your show tonight in Birmingham. AWESOME!! You guys are super talented. All I could do to stay in my seat. Hope you come back through soon. --Kathy Ayers Pate
Took my family to the ACA last night and you guys were great. My kids are still singing feet Dont fail Me Now this morning! --Eaves Landry
“good, clean, fun entertainment”
A-MA-ZING show tonight in birmingham!!!! it's so difficult to find good, clean, fun entertainment...but you guys nailed it! --Stephanie Hixon
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